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The Great Basin Research Program (GBRP) is the University of Nevada, Reno’s hub for scientific research in the Great Basin and Lake Tahoe regions of California and Nevada. The GBRP houses the Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, the Great Basin Consortium, the Tahoe Science Consortium, as well as several multi-disciplinary grants.

  • · The Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GB-CESU) provides research, technical assistance and education to federal land management, environmental and research agencies and their potential partners. The GB-CESU is a partnership between four universities, nine federal agencies, and one non-profit.
  • · The Great Basin Consortium is a network of partners who work together to improve the effectiveness of research, management, outreach, funding and delivery of science in the Great Basin.
  • · The Tahoe Science Consortium is made up of public and private research institutions who promote science in support of the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the unique environmental values of the Lake Tahoe Basin.
  • · The Walker Basin Project is a collaborative, research-based project dedicated to delivering additional water to Walker Lake in a manner that sustains the economy and the ecosystem of the Walker River Basin.
  • · Native Waters on Arid Lands is a five-year program that partners researchers and extension experts with tribal communities in the Great Basin and American Southwest to collaboratively understand the impacts of climate change and evaluate adaptation options for sustaining water resources and agriculture.
  • · Water for the Seasons is a four-year program that partners scientists with community water managers and water right holders in the Truckee-Carson River system to explore new strategies and solutions for dealing with extreme climate events such as droughts and floods.