Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Mission Statement: The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative enhances understanding of the effects of changing climate and other natural and human impacts across the region and promotes the coordination of science-based actions to enable human and natural communities to respond and/or adapt to those conditions.
Unique Role: DOI initiative working with stakeholders to develop landscape-scale tools and monitoring to address climate change and other regional stressors. 
Partners/Collaborators: Inclusive. All agencies (federal, state and local), Tribes, NGO’s, public, etc. No restrictions on participation via the LCC Stakeholders Forum
Initiating Organization: Initiated by Department of Interior in 2009 by Secretary Executive Order. 
Funding/Support: Funding is committed to three positions (BLM, US F&WS, and USGS) with associated support funding for each position.
Staffing: The GB-LCC has three people on staff: a coordinator, science coordinator and research ecologist.

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Linda Kelly, Coordinator, 775-861-6463,