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Walker Basin Research has resulted in a number of positive outcomes including presentations, publications and additional grant-funded research.

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Hatchett, B., D.P. Boyle, C. Garner, M. Kaplan, S. Bassett, A. Putnam
in revision
Evidence for the sensitivity of a Great Basin terminal lake to storm track position Journal of Climate
Barth*, C., D.P. Boyle, B. Hatchett*, S. Bassett, C. Garner
in revision
Late Pleistocene Climate Inferences from a Water-Balance Model of Jakes Valley, NV Journal of Paleolimnology
Hatchett*, B., Koracin, D., Mejia, J., Boyle, D.P.
Assimilating urban heat island effects into future climate projections: The example of Reno, Nevada, USA Journal of Arid Environments

Vol. 128, 59-64, 2016

Putnam, A., Putnam, D., Andreu-Hayles, L., Cook, E., Palmer, J., Clark, E., Wang, C., Chen, F., Denton, G., Boyle, D.P., Bassett, S., Birkel, S., Martin, J., Hajdas, I., Southon, J., Garner, C., Cheng, H., Broecker, W
Little Ice Age wetting of interior Asian deserts and the rise of the Mongol Empire Quaternary Science Reviews

Vol. 131A, 33-50, 2016

Boyle, D.P., C. Garner, J.S. Tilley, S. Bassett, A. Huggins, and C. Barth*
Application of hydrologic models to assess the effects of cloud seeding on agriculture in the Walker River Basin of Nevada Journal of Weather Modification

Vol. 47, 42-57

R. Carroll, G. Pohll, C. Morton and J. Huntington.
Calibrating Basin-Scale Groundwater Models to Landsat Indices of Groundwater Evapotranspiration. Journal of the American Water Resources Association
L. R. Elmore, S. E. Null and N. R. Mouzon
Effects of Environmental Water Transfers on Stream Temperatures River Research and Applications  
Hatchett*, B., Boyle, D.P., Putnam, A., Bassett, S.
Placing the 2012-2015 California-Nevada drought into a paleoclimate context: Insights from Walker Lake, California-Nevada, USA Geophysical Research Letters

42: 8632-8640

B. J. Hatchett, D. Boyle, A.E. Putnam, and S. Bassett
Placing the 2012–2015 California-Nevada drought into a paleoclimatic context: Insights from Walker Lake, California-Nevada, USA AGU Publications  
Mehler, K., Acharya, K., Sada, D., and Yu, Z.
Factors affecting spatiotemporal
benthic macroinvertebrate diversity
and secondary production in a semiarid
Journal of Freshwater Ecology

doi:: 10.1080/02705060.

Hogle, C., D.W. Sada, and C. Rosamond
Using benthic indicator species and community gradients to optimize restoration in the arid, endorheic Walker River watershed, western U.S. River Research and Applications. River Research and Applications doi: 10.1002/rra.2765
L. Porensky, E. Leger, J. Davison, W. W. Miller, E. Goergen, E. Espeland, E. Carroll-Moore
Arid old-field restoration: Native perennial grasses suppress weeds and erosion, but also suppress native shrubs Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 184 (2014) 135-144
Porensky, L. M., Davison, J. Leger, E. A., Miller, W. W., Goergen, E. M., Espeland, E.K., Carroll-Moore, E.M.
Grasses for biofuels: A low water-use alternative for cold desert agriculture? Biomass and Bioenergy 66:133-142
Weisberg, P. J., Dilts, T. E., Becker, M. E., Young, J. S., Wong-Kone, D. C., Newton, W. E., & Ammon, E. M
Guild-specific responses of avian species richness to LiDAR-derived habitat heterogeneity Acta Oecologica 59, 72-83.
Boyle, D.P., C. Barth*, S. Bassett
Towards Improved Hydrologic Model Predictions in Ungauged Snow-Dominated Watersheds Utilizing a Multi-Criteria Approach and SNODAS Estimates of SWE Putting Prediction in Ungauged Basins into Practice, Canadian Water Resources Association and the International Association of Hydrological Sciences 231-242, 2013
Moore, D., R. Woods, D.P. Boyle
Putting PUB into Practice in Mountainous Regions Streamline Watershed Management Bulletin Vol. 15(2), 12-21
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Comparison of bird community indices for riparian restoration planning and monitoring Ecological Indicators 34, 159-167
Dilts, T.E., Yang, J., Weisberg, P.J., Olson, T.J., Turner, P.L., and Condon, L.A.
Using historical General Land Office survey notes to quantify the effects of irrigated agriculture on land cover change in an arid lands watershed Annals of the Association of American Geographers 102(3): 531-548
Gupta, H. V., D.S. Brookshire, V.C Tidwell, D.P. Boyle
Modeling: a basis for linking policy to adaptive water management Water Policy in New Mexico, Addressing the challenge of an uncertain future, edited by H.V. Gupta, D.S. Brookshire, and V.C. Tidwell, Resources for the Future Press Water Policy Series 9-24
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Economic Feasibility of Wine Production in the Arid U.S.: A Northwest Nevada Example. Journal of Wine Economics
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Comparison of seed bank estimation techniques using six weed species in two soil types. Rangeland Ecology and Management 63: 243-247
Rosemary W.H. Carroll, Greg Pohll, David McGraw, Chris Garner, Anna Knust,Doug Boyle, Tim Minor, Scott Bassett, and Karl Pohlmann
Mason Valley Groundwater Model: Linking Surface Water and Groundwater in the Walker River Basin, Nevada Journal of the American Water Resources Association Vol: 46(3): 554-
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Heyvaert, A., S. Chandra, C. Fritzen, R. Hershey, D. Moser, M. Stone, J. Bruckner, A. Lutz, J. Memmot, J. Umek and J. Thomas.
Contemporary Limnology of Walker Lake, Nevada. Final Report submitted to the Walker Basin Project. Restoration of a Desert Lake in an Agriculturally Dominated Watershed: The Walker Lake Basin. Apr-09
Moffett, K.B., Tyler, S.W., Torgersen, T., Menon, M., Selker, J.S. and Gorelick, S.M.
Processes Controlling the Thermal
Regime of Saltmarsh Channel Beds
Environmental Science & Technology Vol. 42, No. 3,
Tyler, S.W., S. Burak, J. McNamara, A. Lamontagne, J. Selker and J.
Spatially distributed temperatures at the base of two mountain snowpacks measured with fiber-optic sensors Journal of Glaciology Vol. 45, Issue
187, pp. 673-679
Tyler, S.W.; J.S. Selker, M.B. Hausner, C.E. Hatch, T. Torgerson, C.E. Thodal and S.G. Schladow
Environmental temperature sensing using Raman spectra DTS fiber-optic methods Water Resources Research doi:10.1029/